Thursday, March 5, 2015

Starting on an adventure: Kit begins her travels

Hello! This is Kit and I am going on an adventure.

Kit is going on a traveling adventure- outfit by Geiser-Weaver Associates, LLC
I'm ready to go traveling!
I am leaving my doll home and leaving behind my 40+ doll friends in Michigan to go to a new modeling job in Pennsylvania. I am sad to leave my friends behind, but excited to see my two old friends in Pennsylvania - Samantha and Tiffany. I am also super excited to start my new modeling career. I am going to live and be photographed for a few months there before returning home.
My journey from Michigan to Pennsylvania is a long one, including traveling by train!

The first part of my traveling journey began with a bus ride to Toledo, Ohio - this was o.k. but I was looking forward to the train.

Kit on the bus to Toledo- outfit by Geiser-Weaver Associates, LLC
It was cold on the bus, so my mom kept me bundled up!
We got on the train quite late at night in Toledo. Luckily we got a sleeper car!

Kit gets ready for bed in the sleeper car on the train- outfit by Geiser-Weaver Associates, LLC
Don't mind my static-bedhead-hair. It was quite late at night.
I am so tired, I am ready to fall sleep. *Yawn*

Kit falls asleep in the sleeper car on the train- outfit by Geiser-Weaver Associates, LLC
Goodnight all!
See you next week as I travel across Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, D.C., Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Follow along with Kit's traveling adventures here and on Instagram, using the hashtag #DollsWillTravel

Get Kit's look:
Kit’s travel outfit consists of an upcycled Our Generation coat, a machine knitted scarf and beret
(a gift from a friend), blue jeans and blue velveteen top by, black and blue
plaid boots from
Kit’s Pajamas consists of p.j. top and bottoms by and white fluffy slippers by
Sophia’s Doll clothes.
See other unique doll clothing items by Geiser-Weaver Associates, LLC on Etsy.

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